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Project cluster Integral safety32737/1674/1920/2/95
Study guide

Project cluster Integral safety

Academic year 2019-20
Is found in:
  • International programmes Science and Technology, programme stage 3
In other study programme:
  • Bachelor of Integral Safety as Project cluster Integral safety
  • Bachelor of Integral Safety as Projectcluster IV-A
This is a course with serveral components.
Study load: 6 credits
This composite course unit exists of following parts:
  • Integrated project (4 credits)
  • Laboratory Measuring Techniques (1 credit)
  • First Aid (1 credit)
Teaching staff: De Cock Bart, Froidmont Inge, Hermans Geert, Kenis Marc, Machiels Matthieu, Stevens Wendy, Van der Sypt Gert, Wens Inge, Wera Sandra
Languages: Dutch
Scheduled for: Semester 1
The result is calculated on the basis of the quotations for parts of this course, which is rounded to an integer.
Part of the course unitGrading?Re-sit exam possible?When retaken?
Integrated projectout of 20 (rounded to the nearest tenth)No--
Laboratory Measuring Techniquesout of 20 (rounded to the nearest tenth)No--
First Aidout of 20 (rounded to the nearest tenth)No--
Possible deadlines for learning account: see deadlines of the components of the course unit.
Compensated fail: This course unit is eligible for compensation according to the compensated fail criteria as determined by the degree programme you are enrolled in.
Total study time: 181,00 hours


There are no prerequisites for this course.