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International project24713/1674/1920/1/42
Study guide

International project

Academic year 2019-20
Is found in:
  • International programmes Science and Technology, programme stage 1
In other study programme:
  • Bachelor of Electromechanics as International project
  • Bachelor of Energy Management as International project
  • Bachelor of Integral Safety as International project
  • International programmes Science and Technology as International project
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 3 credits
It is not possible to enrol in this course unit under
  • exam contract (to obtain a credit).
  • exam contract (to obtain a degree).
Teaching staff: Van Goethem Wim
Languages: Dutch
Scheduled for: Semester 1
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Possible deadlines for learning account: 15.10.2019 ()
Re-sit exam: not possible.
Compensated fail: This course unit is eligible for compensation according to the compensated fail criteria as determined by the degree programme you are enrolled in.
Total study time: 78,00 hours


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learning outcomes (list)

The student learns some professional skills such as applying presentation skills and time management in a learning context that matches the profession.
The student has the necessary social skills to work in team on a community project.
The student is capable of, as a starting professional, within a given professional context and with the resources available, to formulate, work out and recruit a socially responsible ethical technical solution.
The student is able to find, handle and apply relevant literature.
The student is able to reflect on the achieved results and formulate improvement targets.
The student can, as part of a team, integrate knowledge and skills from different fields and apply them in order to effect a solution of the assignment.
The student is able to produce a very readable technical report in correct Dutch and document this with block diagrams, drawings, photographs, etc ...
The student is capable of, as a starting professional, within a given professional context and with the available resources, to give, to work out and to integrate a technical solution, in a ethical responsible manner.

Educational organisation (list)

Exam duration
Estimated time for testing0,50 hours
Learning Activities
Work time outside of contact hours77,50 hours

Evaluation (list)

Evaluation(s) for both exam chances, not reproducible in re-sit exam
Academic yearContinuous project assignment (Permanent evaluation)100,00Zie syllabus internationale projectweek

Geen tweede examenkans mogelijk voor dit deelexamen. Behaalde deelcijfer van de eerste examenperiode wordt overgedragen naar de tweede examenperiode. De student kan niet verzaken aan deze overdracht.