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Paper Events: Artists’ Publications as Alternative Spaces30604/2804/2223/1/01
Study guide

Paper Events: Artists’ Publications as Alternative Spaces

Academic year 2022-23
Is found in:
  • Master of Arts in Visual Arts, programme stage 1
    Choice package:
    • opleidingsonderdelen te kiezen aan 15 studiepunten
    • opleidingsonderdelen te kiezen aan hoogstens 15 studiepunten
  • Master of Arts in Visual Arts
    Choice package:
    • Elective courses for 15 credits
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 3 credits
Special admission is required to enrol in this course unit under
  • exam contract (to obtain a credit).
  • exam contract (to obtain a degree).
Co-ordinator: Pas Johan
Languages: English
Scheduled for: Semester 2
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Possible deadlines for learning account: 15.03.2023 ()
Re-sit exam: is possible.
Possibility of deliberation You have to pass this course unit (will never be deliberated).
Total study time: 90,00 hours


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Learning outcomes (list)

MA6 - The student is able to take and defend a critical position with regard to relevant social, cultural, artistic and international developments.
"The student has insight into the different ways in which visual artists used the book and the magazine as artistic medium in the 20th and 21st centuries. "

Course content

In ‘paper events’, we are introduced to a variety of historical and current aspects of the ‘artist’s book’, as well as with related media, including artists’ journals and artists’ pages. To become familiar with this ‘hidden art history’, we will be addressing several publications from the last three decades, examining the manner in which the artist conceptualised and realised the ‘printed matter’ in question. The creative and critical way in which visual artists have considered the medium of books, pages and magazines mould potentially offer insight and inspiration for the current practice of design.

Educational organisation (list)

Learning Activities
Lectures and / or tutorials26,00 hours
Work time outside of contact hours64,00 hours

Evaluation (list)

Evaluation(s) for first exam chance
Semester 2Project assignment100,00
Evaluation(s) for re-sit exam
2nd examination periodProject assignment100,00