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Photography: Historical research 39789/3298/2425/1/20
Study guide

Photography: Historical research 3

Academic year 2024-25
Is found in:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, programme stage 3
    • Photography
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
    • Photography
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 3 credits
Special admission is required to enrol in this course unit under
  • exam contract (to obtain a credit).
  • exam contract (to obtain a degree).
Co-ordinator: Henneman Inge
Languages: Dutch, English
Scheduled for: Semester 2
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Possible deadlines for learning account: 31.10.2024 ()
Re-sit exam: is possible.
Possibility of deliberation: You have to pass this course unit (will never be deliberated).
Total study time: 78,00 hours


previously registered for Photography: Historical research 2.

Learning outcomes (list)

BA3 - The student knows about and understands the social, cultural, artistic, historical and international context of the visual arts and artistic praxis, and continues to develop this knowledge and understanding.
The student can position himself within the widest possible reference field.
BA5 - When developing his/her personal visual language the students starts from a searching and reflective attitude when developing one's own visual language.
The student can position himself within the broad field of formal, aesthetic, critical artistic positions.
The student can carry out supporting artistic research in function of the development of his own artistic practice.
The student can reflect self-critical about his autonomous work.
BA6 - The student understands the characteristics of his/her personal designs and/or realizations and is able to communicate about this in an appropriate manner.
The student can formulate a specific and personal 'artist statement'.

Course content

The challenge of this 'artistic research' seminar is to situate your work in a frame of reference: art and photography, but also within visual culture and society as a whole. The goal is to develop a heightened self-reflexivity about your artistic practice, and to position your practice in relation to wider artistic and non-artistic discourses. 
This is an open and collective proces: we'll be looking at photographs, reading artists’ writings and critical texts, gathering visual and physical sources & materials, forming image-based archives, talking with other artists, watching films, doing interviews, visiting exhibitions….
Writing exercises will lead to a short artist statement about your Bachelor Project.

Study material (text): Mandatory

Next to theoretical and photohistorical lectures on topics of contemporary photography, students are introduced to 'artistic research'. As young self-reflexive practitioners, students situate their practice and bachelorproject in a broad frame of subjective references and write an artist statement. 

Readers with texts, different sources and references are edited by the participants of the course. We'll curate our personal libraries and share our sources, depending on the interests of the students.

Educational organisation (list)

Learning Activities
Collaborative learning24,00 hours
  • Description: artistic research - selfreflective practitioner - situating the bachelor project in a broad conceptual and visual frame of reference
Practicum24,00 hours
  • Description: write an artist statement, present and share your sources and references, make a text collage and edit a visual portfolio
Work time outside of contact hours30,00 hours

Evaluation (list)

Evaluation(s) for first exam chance
Eerste examenperiodeReflection assignment permanently during class weeks (Permanent evaluation)100,00Student attendance is a requirement for this course unit. In case you are legitimately absent, bring a certificate to the secretariat as soon as possible.
Evaluation(s) for re-sit exam
2nd examination periodReflection assignment during the examination series100,00

Evaluation (text)

semester 2: presentation artistic research/ paper in a collective oral evaluation session

re-examination: oral exam and paper