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Life drawing Graphic Design 339939/3298/2425/1/24
Study guide

Life drawing Graphic Design 3

Academic year 2024-25
Is found in:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, programme stage 3
    • Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
    • Graphic Design
This is a single course unit.
Study load: 3 credits
It is not possible to enrol in this course unit under
  • exam contract (to obtain a credit).
  • exam contract (to obtain a degree).
Co-ordinator: Steel Wouter
Other teaching staff: Toivanen Meri
Languages: Dutch, English
Scheduled for: Academic year
This course unit is marked out of 20 (rounded to an integer).
Possible deadlines for learning account: 31.10.2024 ()
Re-sit exam: not possible.
Possibility of deliberation: You have to pass this course unit (will never be deliberated).


previously registered for Life drawing Graphic Design 2 OR previously registered for Studio Illustrative Design 2 OR previously registered for Studio Multimedia Design 2 OR previously registered for Studio Illustrative Design 2.

Learning outcomes (list)

BA1 - The student has the necessary artistic skills to design and/or realize a personal project within the broad spectrum of the visual arts under supervision.
The student can translate all these aspects in an artistic way and in their own plastic language to a 2D medium.
The student can apply all these aspects within assignments and free work.
The student can correctly represent the different values of the model on a 2D carrier.
BA2 - The student has the necessary knowledge, skills and insights regarding material, form, action, concepts, function and contents of the chosen medi
The student has an informed knowledge and insight in the layout and composition, perspective and proportions of a living model in space.
The student knows and understands the principles regarding layout and composition, perspective and proportions, of a live model in space at a specialized level.
BA3 - The student knows about and understands the social, cultural, artistic, historical and international context of the visual arts and artistic praxis, and continues to develop this knowledge and understanding.
The student recognizes and understands the importance of visual communication.
BA4 - The student develops and sharpens his/her critical and investigative attitude towards designs and/or realizations that arise from visual experiments and research, emotion and intuition.
The student has developed a critical view and has an investigative attitude.
BA5 - When developing his/her personal visual language the students starts from a searching and reflective attitude when developing one's own visual language.
The student has developed his own visual language.

Course content

The knowledge and insight acquired in the second bachelor's course is further pursued. By means of synthesis, new combinations are arrived at around the broad theme of the human figure. Through the application of various methods and techniques, further research into the structural unity of the human figure is carried out, taking into account the individuality of the graduation project.

Evaluation (list)

Evaluation(s) for first exam chance
Eerste examenperiodeArtistic practical assessment100,00

Evaluation (text)

Continuous evaluations by tone/control moments during the academic year.
Semester 1: first directional evaluation after the end of semester 1.
Semester 2: final jury after the conclusion of semester 2.

Process and product are inextricably linked and are evaluated together. The process and product evaluation is 100% fixed on the final jury after the conclusion of semester 2.